Chuck Leaver has been lucky enough to learn the importance of hard work from a relatively young age. His career was aided by an early understanding of how important hard work was to his future and he seen advanced his position in the business world due to his commitment to excellence at all times. Charles Leaver has been able to learn from many wonderful people and is today fortunate to be able to teach others in the same way.

Charles Leaver has been able to experience a diversity of senior leadership roles within the business world. He is an international businessman who has been fortunate enough to run ventures in a number of countries. The companies he has worked with or for have been active in multiple industry as well. This has led to a career that spans more than three decades in the mobile, media, and high tech fields. The diversity in his career speaks to his abilities in the business world. He has bridged many gaps and found ways to do business where others could not.

Today, Chuck Leaver is serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ziften. This is a company that offers to their clients high quality software solutions. He is not new to the company, of course, he previously served as its Chairman of the Board.